Published on February 18, 2019 | Updated on February 18, 2019

How to add a supervisor / co-supervisor?

As a secretary or director of doctoral schools, you can manage the supervisors of your PhD students.

For that, you have a Supervisors menu

This menu displays the list of thesis supervisors and co-supervisors known in the SIGED application for your doctoral school.

Before adding a new supervisor/co-supervisor, please check that they do not already exist.
For this you can use filters to search the name, for example.

If the person does not exist, you can add them by clicking the cross located on the top left of the table )

The system then opens the form to add a supervisor, in which you can enter:
  • Lastame, Firstname, E-mail, CNU of the supervisor.
  • Username :It is updated with firstname.surname. For research lecturers in the establishments of the Université de Lyon, the username takes the form of login@establishment (e.g. or If you do not know it, you can leave firstname.lastname
  • Laboratory: You need to enter the laboratory of the person added in the drop-down list. If it is an external co-supervisor, you can select EXT-
  • Doctoral school: The list of doctoral schools of the selected laboratory is displayed and you need to select the relevant one.
  • Active: Check the box for an active supervisor.
  • HDR: Check the box for a thesis supervisor with an HDR (approval to supervise research)
  • Co-supervisor: Check the box for a co-supervisor approved by the establishment/doctoral school.
Rq: All thesis supervisors (HDR) may be selected as co-supervisors by PhD students.
  • Dispensation: Check the box to select the PhD student for which supervision is authorized (dispensation).
  • Notification by e-mail : Select yes so that the supervisor may receive SIGED alerts to give their opinion (does not apply to co-supervisors).