The purpose of transversal courses is to provide you with useful skills for working as a young researcher and pursue your career, both in the academic sector and outside. They are open to PhD students from all scientific disciplines.

The program is published each year in SIGED ("training catalog"), from October, as well as on the Université de Lyon website:

Consult the Université de Lyon's training catalog.

Participation in a course leads to the issuing, by the Université de Lyon, of a tracking certification that will be recognized by your doctoral school. The certificate is issued provided more than the 2/3 of the course duration were attended. It specifies the actual number of hours attended.

Each doctoral school has its own course requirements. Consult its website to find out more.

How to take part

You must be a PhD student at the Université de Lyon and have a SIGED account. Applications for a course are sent via SIGED from “Training catalog”.

Opening and closing enrollment

Enrollments are open 2 months before the start of the course and close 2 months before, unless the course requires a selection stage by the trainer.

When an applicant removes their application, a place is automatically freed. The number of free places may, therefore, vary day to day.

Requierements and pre-requierements

Important! For certain courses, documents are requested (e.g. resume, application letter). You can download them from SIGED when you enroll. If your application is not accompanied by these documents, it will be rejected.